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Description: The game is a top down shooter where if you move you regain health, but moving also makes enemies move closer, however firing a shot will cause them to fly away from it. You can also shoot from the sides if enemies are beside you. Shoot the grey power box to summon each wave of enemies.

Controls are in options but here's a quick summary("a" moves left, "d" moves right, "w" shoots from both sides of ship, "Space" fires a Big Red Shot, "e" pauses the game)

Origin: This game was originally made for the game maker's toolkit game jam(Link to Game Jam) which asked for a game with dual purpose design(Link to that specific Video) and it lasted from July 14 to July 16. 

The Original Submission was what would been submitted had I not been actual seconds too late to submit it. The original submission is here for posterity even though it's buggy(like waves being broken and an enemy firing from beyond the grave). Created by one person. The file called Ebb and Flow is completable. Thanks for reading and enjoy the game!

Install instructions

Click on the game twice to launch it. If for any reason anti-viruses block it just run as administrator.


Ebb and Pull - Completeable 32 MB
Ebb and Pull- Unsubmitted Submittion 6 MB

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